2023 CCA Survey

Company Information

Management: Supervises and/or has authority over the job functions of a designated group of people or coordinates the functions of a specific activity within an entity. Oversight can be project, financial, facilities or operations management.

Non-management: Does not have supervisory duties or authority.

2021 Financials

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**RBF: Results Based Financing

2022 Financials

**RBF: Results Based Financing

Capital Raised in 2021 and 2022

Investor Name Year of Investment Investor Type Investment Type Amount ($ USD) Gender Lens?**

**Gender Lens

To the best of your knowledge, please indicate whether the investment is specifically made to improve the lives of women. This may include either
a) The investor used a gender lens as a eligibility or selection criterion to inform their investment decision;
b) The investment will be used with the intent to address gender issues or promote gender equity.

A more detailed definition of gender lens can be found here: https://thegiin.org/gender-lens-investing-repository

Research and Development

Total amount of grants should be less than the total capital raised
***Helptext: Please provide $ amount rather than a percentage or the number of grants

Cookstove Sales

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Fuel Sales

Smart Meter Sales


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